We design, code and support custom software

Our goal is to provide systems and services that can do the work of an entire team, but at a cost less than that of a single employee.

Although we do produce some desktop applications, the vast majority of our work is server side web applications that are used on desktop and mobile devices. For more than ten years we have created and maintained dozens of systems utlized by tens of thousands of users across Alberta. Our applications are both mobile and desktop friendly, meaning they can often be used by virtually any device with an internet connection.

One of the benefits of using web-based applications is that when an update or upgrade occurs, all users see the changes instantly without having to reinstall or update.

Due to their presence online, all applications and their data are secured through numerous measures, including password verification and HTTPS/SSL. If needed access can be restricted to location or specific equipment.

Your customers or staff get the best experience whether it's browsing online, attending an event with real time registration, attendance, information display and video, or registering online and paying for training.

Please view our products page for examples of the systems we have built.

Our Systems

  • Remote LDAP credential verification
  • Remote active directory credential integration
  • Data importation from existing systems
  • Two factor authentication available
  • System-wide SSL encryption
  • We host or you host
  • Daily full system off-site backups
  • Export reports and data to PDFs, Excel, CSV files, etc.
  • VPN connections available
  • Email, SMS text, and automated call alerts

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