Request For Service System

Request For Service System

The RFS web-based system allows users to create a maintenance request from any location in the division. Once created and approved by a site-based administrator the system notifies the maintenance department of the request and lets them generate a work order. Maintenance can then complete the work order as the work is done AND record their time both on the work order and a time sheet. The system updates all parties as progress is made. In addition to the recording and reporting of time the system records materials usage. The time sheet system can be used for all staff. It also lets staff request and record vacations on-line and maintains control over vacations and banked hours.

Learning Support Plan System

Request For Service System

The Individualized Program Plan System (IPPS) is a Canadian based educational tool developed in collaboration with the Rocky View School Division in Alberta, Canada.

As server side software it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection, without the need to install software. The core code was designed so it can be modified to fit the needs of any school divisions and continually be adapted for all future requirements. Depending on the extent and urgency of the changes there can be an extremely quick timeframe from conception to completion, potentially within days.

Please visit our IPP Systems site for details.

NetScaffold Website Manager and Content Manager

Request For Service System

If you can use a word processor you can create and manage your own website. NetScaffold Website Manager lets you build menus,create and update sophisticated content and spread the work load. You can provide timely, up to date content without needing technical assistance, without knowing HTML and without knowing what FTP is, and how to use it. Many hands make light work, spread the load by giving key people the power to maintain small, or large parts of your website.

Online Event Registration Systems

Request For Service System

These powerful tools, create on-line catalogs of work shops and courses. They control the assignment of instructors and equipment. Easy interfaces for users virtually eliminate paper registration in favor of on-line booking of courses. Because they are database driven and have powerful, intuitive administrative interfaces, management of registrants, courses, presenters, and materials is easy!. Complete reporting systems make reporting, in a wide variety of ways, simple and quick.

Online Material Booking Systems

Save the cost of printed catalogs for instructional materials by having the catalog on-line. The simple and powerful interface allows users to search for materials, reserve materials well in advance of their use date, and in a simple manner. The system also improves control of shipping and returns and tracks overdue items. It has full catalog and inventory reporting, and is barcode enabled and MARC record compatible.

Learning Management Systems

LMS provides the functionality to automate the administration of all learning to do with an organization. The primary objective of a Learning Management System is to manage learners, keeping track of their progress and performance across all types of training activities. This allows for learning to be controlled and monitored centrally, while allowing the user to undergo training in a highly flexible manner – that is training ‘on-demand’ allowing the administrator to manage, control and keep tabs on personal development and their progress inside and outside of the organization. This is the prime reason why LMS has become a rapid growth sector.