Website and email for only $3,500 (+ GST)

$995 subsequent years

  • The package
  • What's included?
  • What's the process?
  • Additional Services
The Package

This package is designed for small to medium sized businesses and groups who need a website, email and other marketing services to increase their online presence. Websites are imperative in the digital age, and not having one - or having one that barely functions - can seriously affect how people view your organization or business. Our websites and systems can be used to attract new customers, share information with members or to simply increase your visibility.

You do not need to have any technical expertise or understanding of computers and the internet whatsoever. We can meet in person, over the phone, or communicate via email. We will take care of all technical tasks if needed, and help you setup email on your phone in person at your location (for an additional charge).

What's included?

Domain Name
A domain name (example: is needed for people to access your website, and for emails ( One needs to be registered with a domain registrar, and renewed on a yearly basis.

We will build you a custom website tailored to your needs. It will be designed to work on both desktop computers and mobile devices such as phones and tablets. We will include up to 12 seperate pages (example: Home, About Us, Contact, etc.), but more can be included at an additional cost. For more information about what types of pages and functionality is available for this package please contact us.

Your website will be hosted on our Canadian based servers. We have over 10 years of experience managing servers - ensuring fast, secure and reliable service.

Eight Email Addresses
You will receive eight email addresses that use your domain name (example:, one of which can be set as a "catch all" address (any emails that go to a non-existant address will go the "catch all" account). Additional emails can be added for a small cost.

Logo Creation
Need a new logo, or is time to update your existing one? Leave it up to us, and we'll provide you with three options to choose from.

Two sets of 100 designer business cards
We will design and print high-end, brilliant finish business cards - possibly featuring your new logo! Extra sets and prints are available for an additional cost.

Five additional one-hour changes per year
Things change - staff members come and go, new products and services get rolled out, and offices move. After the website is live and paid for, there's a good chance you're going to need to update some things. That's why we include an additional five, one-hour changes that can be used anytime.

What's the process?

If you're ready to proceed:

  1. Please contact us by either phone, or by completing the package contact form.
  2. We will discuss with you - either by phone, email, or in person - what your needs are regarding a website. We will collect any photos and graphics you would like to use, contact information, and the general information you want on your site.
  3. When we have everything and are ready to proceed, we will require a down payment of $1000.
  4. We will begin the design phase, and provide you examples of how the website, business cards and logo (if needed) will appear.
  5. When you agree to the designs, we will begin production and create the required items.
  6. We will show you a final demo, and make any small tweaks that are needed.
  7. At this point we will require the final payment of $2,675 (the final $2500, plus GST).
  8. Everything goes live, and we transfer the copyrights to you.

Additional Services Available

  • Setup automated 1-800 numbers
  • Brochure design and printing
  • SMS (text message) automation (remind clients of appointments, notify staff of time-sensitive information, etc.)
  • Online stores for credit card transactions and inventory control
  • Social media presence (onging Facebook, Twitter, etc. updates and management)
  • Setting up and managing Google Adwords (pay Google to advertise and bring visitors to your site)
  • Professional voice over work for phone systems, radio ads, training videos, etc
  • Short videos for advertising, instruction, demonstration, etc.
  • Professional photography of building/equipment and staff